Issue 119

In this issue: Towers Stupid simple webinar trick for more sales This stupid mistake will cost you sales Weird little case study yields possible 6 figures The psychological hack to getting sh** done How to instantly become 20% more charismatic in videos Omar Mar … more

Issue 118

In this issue: What’s on the outside? New to marketing? Do reverse podcasting for fast success Is this weird psychological phenomena keeping you broke? Sick of Zoom? Try Clubhouse – if you can wrangle an invit … more

Issue 117

In this issue: Trenches Can you turn a 20-minute phone call into $10,000? How to make big money NOT selling products $3,500 a month from newsletter curation The 20-minute, self-liquidating, 71% conversion rate squeeze page 30 minute micro … more

Issue 116

In this issue: Life is just long enough Can you really triple your sales by writing the sales copy first? Why you can break “unbreakable” rules How to raise prices without angering customers, and how to lower prices without previous customers throwing a fit How to ma … more

Issue 115

In this issue: Raise the Titanic How can I market my own program in Facebook Groups? 7 marketing trends for 2021 17.5 methods to earn real money online This 4-letter word can prevent FDA and FTC attacks on your business 5 ways to get more Facebook page lik … more

Issue 114

In this issue: How a simple “thank you” paid $30,000 in one afternoon 9 stats to remind you why content marketing works 4 difficult discussions that … more

Issue 113

In this issue: Case study: $10,000/mo in coaching fees Drink a beer, make a sale How to get plenty of affiliates with zero hassle Mastering hashtags to drive more traffic Clate Mask interview (CEO and founder of Keap, previously known as Infusionsoft) 7 dangers of selling products on … more

Issue 112

In this issue: Case study: Increasing opt-ins by 50% When typos cost you money Seth Godin’s 10 rules for your success How to sell products at a ridiculous markup Weird websi … more

Issue 111

In this issue: Reach for the stars A big money maker you’re completely missing $2,500 profit a month to build your own email list An IM lesson f … more

Issue 110

In this issue: Do you see what I see? Gaining the invisible edge How to build a real business right now How to sell 50% more with one check box TikTok marketing in a nutshell Ed Rush interview 15 ordinary peopl … more

Issue 109

In this issue: The new version How to get a 200% increase in optins 7 ways to maximize your Zoom meetings The million dollar notebook How to double your course signups Mara Glazer interview 11 tips for retain … more

Issue 108

In this issue: 2020 – introduction Your enemy’s enemy is your customer Goodwill giving during quarantine gets customers 3.75 methods to fast … more

Issue 107

In this issue: A suit of armor One simple change = 93% increase in conversions $27,383 from your webinar sign-up page If you hit a financial wall, do this How to market, Tesla style Rob Cuesta interview $20,000 a month partnering with product creators The 8 word … more

Issue 106

In this issue: Biggest blogging mistake in 7 words The $100K email marketing success formula $12,000 a month giving away nearly everything How to create an entire funnel from … more

Issue 105

In this issue: 5 ways to get new members for your site fast How to create million view YouTube videos Men wanted for hazardous journey Paul Counts interview 15 ways to give away a free report to increase subscribers How to set up a 52-week membership site in 7 days How to quickly break into … more

Incredible Case Studies, volume 1

There’s nothing like a good case study to inspire a person. Regardless of how creative you are, it’s always comforting to know that somebody has actually succeeded by doing something maybe just a little bit “outside the box” … more

Issue 104

In this issue: Knockin’ on heaven’s door Podcasters: please interrupt your guest The dark side of Internet marketing Nick James interview 9 social media marketing pro-tips you missed 7 oddball tips to grow your YouTube channel How to build a super res … more

Issue 103

In this issue: The crafty fox Why Olympian Nastia Liukin never quits How to hack your brain for success Are sneaky advertorials still super profitable today? Beware of pissing off your loyal f … more

Issue 102

In this issue: Life in the forest Schwarzenegger’s brain Help! ClickBank is telling me to cut my price Weird method forces Amazon to build your email list Niching your mar … more

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